Over the years I have always said that I am motivated by learning and enjoy the challenge of a problem well met and resolved. I definitely enjoy programming a problem's solution in an appropriate environment.

My earlier training and employment with the databases means that I do tend to resolve problems to data (in at least third normal form) and the operations required to manipulate and analyse it.

My love of learning whatever was around and desire to see problems solved led me to perform support tasks, first as a "power user" and later in defined user and technical support roles.

I have come to realise that my personal work habits for the two tasks I enjoy, namely programming and problem solving, are somewhat different.

As a programmer I like to spend time understanding the requirements, environment and processes involved and then settling in for a concerted and uninterrupted programming session.

In problem solving mode, I work in a more interrupt driven fashion, reacting to the altering situation of the current problems, and new problems, as they occur.

My preference is definitely towards the programming role and I am happiest when I am part of the central team with input as to the direction and design of the technical aspects of the product under development.

While I have no desires to progress into a management or even supervisory role, I recognise that my wide and varied experience may lead to me being in a mentoring or instructional role and I would look forward to the challenges of this portion of any role.