QlikTech International AB

Lund, Skane

Development Programmer

From Nov 1999
till Sep 2000

QlikTech's business is based around the QlikView suite of products that they develop in Lund Sweden. QlikView is marketed and sold worldwide by either resellers or marketing divisions of QlikTech International. QlikView is a unique data analysis and query tool.

I was given the project of developing of an alternate Web/Java front-end. The product quite currently had a single (large) applet front end and my project was to develop a set of applet that would enable a greater flexibility in the layout of the web page containing it.

I've also participating in the ongoing discussions about the new features for the QlikView suite of products and aided in the continued development of both the core product and internal development support tools.

In early June I came to the realisation that the combination of the foreign language and the break from my home social and cultural situation was resulting in a greater degree of unhappiness and occasional depression than I had anticipated or was prepared to tolerate. I discussed this situation with my manager and he made me realise that I had effectively decided to leave Sweden.

Dendrite New Zealand


Deployment Developer

From Mar 1999
till Oct 1999

Dendrite develops and markets a Pharmaceutical Sales Force Automation (SFA) product as well as providing full Data Centre, Help Desk and Hardware Management services to its clients.

Working for the Software Product Delivery (SPD) division, I performed a number of small tasks relating to the main product line of before moving into the ForceAnalyzer team.

ForceAnalyzer is an analysis product that layers on top Sales Force data using an externally developed tool (QlikView) and provides effectiveness and other analysis at various levels within the sales force management structure.

I was placed on what was expected to be a simple and straightforward ForceAnalyzer deployment for a client that did not use the main SFA product. This project proved to be technically challenging and very much more complex and time consuming than originally expected.

Within the ForceAnalyzer team I also was tasked to evaluate and performance test a new product from company that develops the tool that ForceAnalyzer is built on. This tool would provide the same data but via a WWW deployment. I developed some utilities to carry out the performance testing in an automated manner.

For a variety of reasons, I found both the corporate environment and the specific job task completely unpalatable and in late August began casting about for alternative employment. One of these alternatives was QlikTech, in Sweden! By this time my H1B work permit finally came through and I headed home in September to New Zealand and Australia for a much-needed break. During the last week of this holiday QlikTech took me over to Sweden for an extended job interview. I returned to New Jersey and worked out my notice period.

CJN Technologies Ltd

Albany, Auckland
New Zealand

Software Developer

From Feb 1998
till Mar 1999

CJN specialises in a Roading Management package initially developed in Informix 4GL running against an Informix database on SCO Unix systems. In the time since I had worked for them last, a Delphi enquiry, processing and maintenance suite had been developed that ran against the Informix back end.

I was hired as a Senior Delphi programmer and also the part time NT and SCO Unix Administrator. I set up the MS Exchange internet mail connection to CJN's internet provider and took over some of the SCO machine set-up tasks.

On the Delphi side, I assisted in the continued addition of business features to the various modules of the Windows suite. I designed and implemented a Delphi version of the automated database upgrade functionality that had previously only in the Unix portion of the software. Also I reworked the batch-like database tasks in the Delphi programs to allow for further extension of the number of them. I then worked on the integration of a Mapping component into the software, displaying the location of assets and road features on the map.

In early 1999 I realised that I was finally free of any entanglements and decided to attempt to find employment abroad. The Dendrite position was the first to come up and offered very reasonable relocation benefits.

Telephony Video Data Ltd

Ponsony, Auckland
New Zealand

Software Developer

From Feb 1997
till Jan 1998

I was hired as the Software Developer to pick up a suite of programs developed by contractors in Visual Basic 3.0. The suite dealt with Electric Supply Authority Fault Message generation to RVA and fault reporting using both Dialogic hardware for digital message output and fax-modems for fax output. The programs were upgraded to Visual Basic 5.0 and re-coded to work under Windows NT 4.0. Further modules of the suite are written in Delphi, which I upgraded from Delphi 2.0 to Delphi 3.0. I have also taken in-house a Faults web page module driven from the main faults database.

TVD then purchased the source of another package that had been developed externally under contract and thus brought the development in-house. This application was also written in Delphi, both versions 1.0 and 2.0.

TVD started growing it's customer base beyond the current Australian clients to include other countries. This meant that the managing director was spending more time developing the new markets. My role started to change to be more technical support and required overseas customer support trips. This had not been in my job contract and I was not happy at the time. This was also the time my separation was happening. I investigated alternate job possibilities. CJN Technologies was looking for new staff at this time and I had kept a lose contact with the director. I took the job with CJN Technologies, as other options had not panned out by the time I wished to leave TVD.

Fisher & Paykel Ltd

East Tamaki, Auckland
New Zealand

Software Specialist and Technical Developer

From Jan 1995
till Jan 1997
My tasks in this role were wide and varied. I was involved in:
  • The evaluation of a software license-monitoring tool.
  • The solo development of a timesheet recording system.
  • A system configuration management system for Windows for Workgroups.
  • Documentation of the interfaces between the varied divisional software systems.
  • A complete Hardware and Software audit of all Personal Computers.
  • The development of a semi-automated PC Software Audit system.
  • The initial phases of the development of the F&P Internet presence.
  • The offering of Internet access to F&P staff.
  • The evaluation of email and calendar systems for the totality of F&P.
  • The development of an intranet phone list based in a SQL Server Database including investigating linking in the actual company phone exchange.

During this time I also attended a Microsoft Developers Conference in Sydney and a couple of in-house personal development courses.

Late in 1996 I felt I had lost the focus of my position at Fisher & Paykel and began casting around for options. An old acquaintance made me aware of Telephony Video Data who were looking to hire in-house development staff as opposed to using contract developers.

Ingres DBA

From Sep 1994
till Dec 1994

Hired as an Ingres DBA/Trouble-shooter for the Information Services Development section. Initially assisted with the post-implementation shakedown of the SID (Stock Inventory Distribution) system, written in Ingres-ABF. I also was called upon to investigate problems with other Ingres systems within the wide-ranging divisions of Fisher & Paykel.

In my performance evaluation's it became clear that I was willing and able to perform a wider range of technical support tasks. At the end of 1994 the current Software Specialist moved on within Fisher & Paykel and I moved into the position of Software Specialist.

Manufact Data Systems Ltd

New Zealand

Analyst Programmer

From Dec 1991
till Sep 1994

Hired as the second Informix programmer at Auckland branch, I also began development of semi-independent systems in Auckland where the business knowledge resided. The first project was a Contracting Ledger module for MDS's Financial suite ACUMEN.

I became the main Informix developer at the Auckland branch and wrote, wholly or the major part, the following systems: Logs management, Sales Quotation for Timber, Contract Debtors Claims and Retention, Jobbing, and Task and Service Management.

I became the technical support for ARCHIUM, a Document management package that MDS had purchased the NZ distribution license for.

I also assisted in the evaluation of a new development environment to replace the COBOL environment MDS's original packages were written in, and in a small amount of the system administration of the Unix and Windows systems.

I decided to leave MDS when it became apparent to me that the ARCHIUM system I was supporting was incomplete and insufficient for some of the roles it was being sold into. During my final month MDS purchased the ARCHIUM source code and a programmer from England and an attempt was made to arrange a position for me within the new environment. The arrangements were not sufficiently appealing especially as the position at Fisher & Paykel had been offered to me.

Synercom (A division of Unisys)

Newmarket, Auckland
New Zealand

Contract Informix Specialist

From Jun 1991
till Dec 1991

Originally contracted as an Informix programmer, within a short period this role was no longer needed. Assisted in a number of sales bids in a technical support role. Completed a small in-house development of a basic Data Dictionary application for Informix. Assisted in the implementation of the first stage of an EDI solution using Unisys's EaDIplus. Performed a number of administration tasks on SUN and Unisys Unix systems and a Novell LAN.

The contract was only for 6 months and I did not renew the contract.

CJN Technologies Ltd

Albany, Auckland
New Zealand

Analyst Programmer

From Jul 1991
till Jul 1991
Hired by an ex-director of 5GL to work on the package that he bought out of 5GL.

5GL International Ltd

Parnell, Auckland
New Zealand

Analyst Programmer

From Jul 1990
till Jun 1991

Programming in Informix 4GL and C, I worked on 5GL's Local Government Property System. I then moved on to General Ledger System within 5GL's Financials Package. The two major tasks were a major rewrite of the Rating sub-system of the Property system, and writing a faster and more flexible General Ledger Report-writer. I also performed some small system administration tasks such as acting as the Email postmaster.

5GL entered voluntary liquidation while I was still working there.

United Computer Services

CBD, Auckland
New Zealand

Information Center Consultant

From Feb 1990
till Jul 1990
The day to day administration of 3 LANs used by 40-50 users and covering two buildings. The LANs used Novell NetWare. Supporting the company approved software packages and other PC software problems.

The entire Information Services department was going to be moved to Christchurch. While final decisions were being made over who was being invited to move etc., I decided not to leave Auckland and began investigating other job opportunities.

Assistant Data Dictionary Administrator

From Nov 1988
till Feb 1990
The junior member of the DBA Group, performing routine migration tasks between Development, Validation and Production. Creating and maintaining Bachman diagrams using an IBM AT compatible. Implemented a system that monitored the production database for some potential problems using SAS.

In February 1990 the Information Centre Consultant position was advertised internally and externally and with the full knowledge of my Manager I applied for it.

Computer Science Department

Auckland University, Auckland
New Zealand


From Mar 1988
till Oct 1988
Much the same position as during 1987 except for the marking.

Centre for Information Science

Auckland University, Auckland
New Zealand

Assistant to Deputy Director

From Nov 1987
till Feb 1988
Initially organising the CIS's reference library. When the CIS mainframe was installed, I wrote introductory documentation for some systems. Began programming charge-back reporting. I took the opportunity to peruse the wide variety of IBM documentation that was in the CIS library.

Computer Science Department

Auckland University, Auckland
New Zealand

Demonstrator / Marker

From Mar 1987
till Oct 1987
Being in the Computer Science laboratory for a rostered period each week and assisting students with any problems they might have. Also marking assignments for Stage I papers.

Alpha Link Ltd

Manukau, Auckland
New Zealand


From Aug 1985
till Dec 1985
Programming in BASIC on IBM PC compatibles and then in Turbo Pascal on Amstrad CPC computers. The programs were small business programs, mainly a Video Library Package.