Titles Q-R

TitleAuthor SeriesTopic
Quantum Moon Vitola, Denise #1 Mystery
Quest in Paradise Attenborough, David Quasi-Fiction
Quozl Foster, Alan Dean Sci-Fi
Raphael Macavoy, R.A. #3 Fantasy
Red Mars Robinson, Kim Stanley #1 Sci-Fi
Return of the Jedi Kahn, James Star Wars
Ring Baxter, Stephen Sci-Fi
Rogue Sqadron Stackpole, Michael A. #1 Star Wars
Ronin Miller, Frank Modern Fantasy
Running with the Demon Brooks, Terry Modern Fantasy
The Reality Dysfunction Hamilton, Peter F. #1 Sci-Fi
The Red Sky File Vitola, Denise #4 Mystery
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe Adams, Douglas #2 Sci-Fi
The Riddle Master of Hed McKillip, Patricia #1 Fantasy
The Rings of Saturn Asimov, Isaac Sci-Fi
The River of Time Brin, David Sci-Fi
The Rocketeer David, Peter Superhero
Theory K Non-Fiction