Titles M

TitleAuthor SeriesTopic
Macroscope Anthony, Piers Sci-Fi
Magician's Gambit Eddings, David #3 Fantasy
Magic's Pawn Lackey, Mercedes #1 Fantasy
Magic's Price Lackey, Mercedes #3 Fantasy
Magic's Promise Lackey, Mercedes #2 Fantasy
Magnificat May, Julian #3 Sci-Fi
Manjinn Moon Vitola, Denise #3 Mystery
Marks of Our Brothers Lindskold, Jane Sci-Fi
Master of Many Treasures Brown, Mary Fantasy
Master of the Five Magics Hardy, Lyndon Fantasy
Master of the Sidhe Flint, Kenneth C. #3 Fantasy
Medieval Britain Ford, Boris Non-Fiction
Memory & Dream Lint, Charles de Modern Fantasy
Memory Seed Palmer, Stephen Sci-Fi
Metamagical Themas Hofstadter, Douglas R. Mathematics
Metrophage Kadrey, Richard Cyberpunk
Metropolis Harbou, Thea von Sci-Fi
Middle Ages: Myths and Legends Guerber, H. A. Non-Fiction
Millenium Nights Hamilton, P.G.R. Crossover Sci-Fi / Fantasy
Mind Snare Greeno, Gayle Sci-Fi
Mindlight Davis, Margaret Sci-Fi
Mindstar Rising Hamilton, Peter F. #1 Cyberpunk
Mirrorshades Sterling, Bruce Cyberpunk
Mission to Horatius Reynolds, Mack Star Trek
Mission to Moulokin Foster, Alan Dean Sci-Fi
Mona Lisa Overdrive Gibson, William #3 Cyberpunk
MoonHeart Lint, Charles de Fantasy
Moonshadow Matteis, J.M. De
Muth, Jon J.
Nowlan, Kevin
Modern Fantasy
Mort Pratchett, Terry Fantasy
Mosquito Run Herman, Richard War
Mostly Harmless Adams, Douglas #5 Sci-Fi
The Man-Kzin Wars Anderson, Poul
Ng, Dean
Niven, Larry
The Maze in the Mirror Chalker, Jack L. #3 Sci-Fi
The Medieval World Heer, Friedrich Non-Fiction
The Moons of Jupiter Asimov, Isaac Sci-Fi