Titles I-K

TitleAuthor SeriesTopic
I Ching Legge, James Divination
I, Jedi Stackpole, Michael A. Star Wars
In Conquest Born Friedman, C.S. Sci-Fi
In Death Ground Weber, David
White, Steve
In Enemy Hands Weber, David #7 Sci-Fi
In The Beginning David, Peter Babylon 5
Intervention May, Julian Sci-Fi
Iron Fist Allston, Aaron #6 Star Wars
Isard's Revenge Stackpole, Michael A. #8 Star Wars
Jack the Bodiless May, Julian #1 Sci-Fi
Jed the Dead Foster, Alan Dean Sci-Fi
Jedi Search Anderson, Kevin J. #1 Star Wars
Jig Armstrong, Campbell Modern Thriller
Jinx High Lackey, Mercedes #3 Modern Fantasy
Justice Drake, David Sci-Fi
Knight of Ghosts and Shadows Guon, Ellen
Lackey, Mercedes
Modern Fantasy
The I Inside Foster, Alan Dean Sci-Fi
The Illustrated Book of Science Fiction Lists Ashley, Mike Quasi-Fiction
The Instrumentality of Mankind Smith, Cordwainer Sci-Fi
The Iron Dragon's Daughter Swanwick, Michael Fantasy
The Ivanhoe Gambit Hawke, Simon #1 Crossover Sci-Fi / Fantasy
The Jade Demons Quartet Vardeman, Robert E. Fantasy
The Keys to Paradise Vardeman, Robert E. Fantasy
The Kif Strike Back Cherryh, C.J. #3 Sci-Fi
The Krytos Trap Stackpole, Michael A. #3 Star Wars