Titles C

TitleAuthor SeriesTopic
Call to the Edge McMullen, Sean Crossover Sci-Fi / Fantasy
Camelot 3000 Barnes, Steven
Bolland, Brian
Modern Fantasy
Castle of Wizardry Eddings, David #4 Fantasy
Cat Scratch Fever Harper, Tara K. Sci-Fi
Cataract Harper, Tara K. Sci-Fi
Catch the Lightning Asaro, Catherine #2 Sci-Fi
CatWoman Abbey, Lynn
Asprin, Robert
Champions of the Force Anderson, Kevin J. #3 Star Wars
Chantry Guild Dickson, Gordon R. Sci-Fi
Chanur's Homecoming Cherryh, C.J. #4 Sci-Fi
Chanur's Venture Cherryh, C.J. #2 Sci-Fi
Chaos: Making a New Science Gleick, James Mathematics
Chicks'n Chained Males Friesner, Esther Fantasy
Child of the Grove Huff, Tanya Fantasy
Children of the Night Lackey, Mercedes #2 Modern Fantasy
Chivalry Keen, Maurice Non-Fiction
Chronicules Compton, D.G. Sci-Fi
Chronomaster Lindskold, Jane
Zelazny, Roger
Clark's Law Mortimore, Jim #4 Babylon 5
Coils Saberhagen, Fred
Zelazny, Roger
Complexity Waldrop, M. Mithcell Mathematics
Conan the Barbarian Camp, L Sprague de
Carter, Lin
Conqueror's Legacy Zahn, Timothy #3 Sci-Fi
Conqueror's Pride Zahn, Timothy #1 Sci-Fi
Continuum 1 Elwood, Roger Sci-Fi
Cosmic Crusade Saxon, Richard Sci-Fi
Cosmic Engineers Simack, Clifford D. Sci-Fi
Cowboy Feng's Space Bar and Grill Brust, Steven Crossover Sci-Fi / Fantasy
Cuckoo's Egg Cherryh, C.J. Sci-Fi
Cyteen Cherryh, C.J. Sci-Fi
The Cat who Walks through Walls Heinlein, Robert A. Sci-Fi
The Chronicles of Morgaine Cherryh, C.J. Fantasy
The City Who Fought McCaffrey, Anne
Stirling, S.M.
The Civilizatio of Europe in the Renaissance Hale, John Non-Fiction
The Complete Drinker's Companion Doxat, John Non-Fiction
The Crystal Star McIntyre, Vonda Star Wars