SeriesTitle Author
A Game of Universe Nylund, Eric S.
A Gift from Earth Niven, Larry
A Second Chance at Eden Hamilton, Peter F.
Against a Dark Background Banks, Iain M.
Anvil of Stars Bear, Greg
Asimov's Mysteries Asimov, Isaac
Berserker Blue Death Saberhagen, Fred
Bodyguard Dietz, William C.
Brightness Reef Brin, David
Cat Scratch Fever Harper, Tara K.
Cataract Harper, Tara K.
Chantry Guild Dickson, Gordon R.
Chronicules Compton, D.G.
Chronomaster Lindskold, Jane
Zelazny, Roger
Coils Saberhagen, Fred
Zelazny, Roger
Continuum 1 Elwood, Roger
Cosmic Crusade Saxon, Richard
Cosmic Engineers Simack, Clifford D.
Cuckoo's Egg Cherryh, C.J.
Cyteen Cherryh, C.J.
Daybreak -2250 A.D. Norton, Andre
Downbelow Station Cherryh, C.J.
Excession Banks, Iain M.
Exit Funtopia Farren, Mick
Feersum Endjinn Banks, Iain M.
Finity's End Cherryh, C.J.
Fire on the Border O'Donnell, Jr, Kevin
First Lensman Smith, E.E. 'Doc'
Friday Heinlein, Robert A.
Future History Pournelle, Jerry
Glory Lane Foster, Alan Dean
Guardians of the Universe Story, Ronald
Heathern Womack, Jack
Heavy Weather Sterling, Bruce
High Justice Pournelle, Jerry
In Conquest Born Friedman, C.S.
In Death Ground Weber, David
White, Steve
Intervention May, Julian
Jed the Dead Foster, Alan Dean
Lightwing Harper, Tara K.
Macroscope Anthony, Piers
Marks of Our Brothers Lindskold, Jane
Memory Seed Palmer, Stephen
Metropolis Harbou, Thea von
Mind Snare Greeno, Gayle
Mindlight Davis, Margaret
Once A Hero Moon, Elizabeth
Orphan Star Foster, Alan Dean
Phases Moon, Elizabeth
Phases of Gravity Simmons, Dan
Planets for Sale Vogt, A.E. van
Quozl Foster, Alan Dean
Ring Baxter, Stephen
Secret Realms Cool, Tom
Signal to Noise Nylund, Eric S.
Smoke and Mirrors Lindskold, Jane
Space for Hire Nolan, William F.
Space Prison Godwin, Tom
Star Beast Heinlein, Robert A.
Starship Troopers Heinlein, Robert A.
Startide Rising Brin, David
Sundiver Brin, David
Tek Vengance Shatner, William
The Abyss Card, Orson Scott
The Black Hole Foster, Alan Dean
The Cat who Walks through Walls Heinlein, Robert A.
The City Who Fought McCaffrey, Anne
Stirling, S.M.
The Dragon in the Sea Herbert, Frank
The Far Call Dickson, Gordon R.
The Final Encyclopedia Dickson, Gordon R.
The Forge of God Bear, Greg
The I Inside Foster, Alan Dean
The Instrumentality of Mankind Smith, Cordwainer
The Man-Kzin Wars Anderson, Poul
Ng, Dean
Niven, Larry
The Night Land Hodgson, William Hope
The Practice Effect Brin, David
The River of Time Brin, David
The Star King Vance, Jack
The Variable Man Dick, Philip K.
The Wind from Nowhere Ballard, J.G.
This Alien Shore Friedman, C.S.
Triplanetary Smith, E.E. 'Doc'
Tron Daley, Brian
Venus of Shadows Sargent, Pamela
When Harlie was One Gerrold, David
Worlds without End Simack, Clifford D.
Alien Nation Dark Horizon Jeter, K.W.
Buck Rogers Hammer of Mars Murdock, M.S.
Chanur Saga #1 The Pride of Chanur Cherryh, C.J.
#2 Chanur's Venture Cherryh, C.J.
#3 The Kif Strike Back Cherryh, C.J.
#4 Chanur's Homecoming Cherryh, C.J.
Conqueror's Saga #1 Conqueror's Pride Zahn, Timothy
#3 Conqueror's Legacy Zahn, Timothy
Dorsai Dorsai! Dickson, Gordon R.
Soldier, Ask Not Dickson, Gordon R.
Tactics of Mistake Dickson, Gordon R.
Early Asimov #1 The Early Asimov Volume 1 Asimov, Isaac
#2 The Early Asimov Volume 2 Asimov, Isaac
#3 The Early Asimov Volume 3 Asimov, Isaac
Flinx Flinx in Flux Foster, Alan Dean
Mission to Moulokin Foster, Alan Dean
The Tar-Aiym Krang Foster, Alan Dean
G.O.D. Inc #1 The Labyrinth of Dreams Chalker, Jack L.
#2 The Shadow Dancers Chalker, Jack L.
#3 The Maze in the Mirror Chalker, Jack L.
Galactic Milieu #1 Jack the Bodiless May, Julian
#2 Diamond Mask May, Julian
#3 Magnificat May, Julian
HGTTG #1 The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Adams, Douglas
#2 The Restaurant at the End of the Universe Adams, Douglas
#3 Life, the Universe and Everything Adams, Douglas
#4 So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish Adams, Douglas
#5 Mostly Harmless Adams, Douglas
Honor Harrington #1 On Basilisk Station Weber, David
#3 The Short Victorious War Weber, David
#4 Field of Dishonor Weber, David
#5 Flag in Exile Weber, David
#6 Honor Among Enemies Weber, David
#7 In Enemy Hands Weber, David
Mageworlds The Gathering Flame Doyle, Debra
MacDonald, James D.
#2 Starpilot's Grave Doyle, Debra
MacDonald, James D.
#3 By Honor Betrayed Doyle, Debra
MacDonald, James D.
#5 The Long Hunt Doyle, Debra
MacDonald, James D.
Mars #1 Red Mars Robinson, Kim Stanley
#2 Blue Mars Robinson, Kim Stanley
#3 Geen Mars Robinson, Kim Stanley
Nights Dawn #1 The Reality Dysfunction Hamilton, Peter F.
Night's Dawn #2 The Neutronium Alchemist Hamilton, Peter F.
Northworld Justice Drake, David
Phoemix Legacy #1 Sword of the Lamb Wren, M.K.
#2 Shadow of the Swan Wren, M.K.
#3 House of the Wolf Wren, M.K.
Riverworld #1 To Your Scattered Bodies Go Farmer, Philip José
#2 The Fabulous Riverboat Farmer, Philip José
Robot City #1 Odyssey Asimov, Isaac
Sector General #1 Hospital Station White, James
#3 Star Surgeon White, James
Skolian Empire #1 Primary Inversion Asaro, Catherine
#2 Catch the Lightning Asaro, Catherine
#3 The Last Hawk Asaro, Catherine
Space Ranger Oceans of Venus Asimov, Isaac
Pirates of the Asteroids Asimov, Isaac
The Big Sun of Mercury Asimov, Isaac
The Moons of Jupiter Asimov, Isaac
The Rings of Saturn Asimov, Isaac
#1 Space Ranger Asimov, Isaac
The World of Tiers #2 The Gates of Creation Farmer, Philip José
War Against the Chtorr #1 A Matter for Men Gerrold, David
#2 A Day for Damnation Gerrold, David
#3 A Rage for Revenge Gerrold, David