Crossover Sci-Fi / Fantasy

SeriesTitle Author
Call to the Edge McMullen, Sean
Cowboy Feng's Space Bar and Grill Brust, Steven
Empire of the East Saberhagen, Fred
Glory Road Heinlein, Robert A.
Glory Season Brin, David
Hermetech Constantine, Storm
Millenium Nights Hamilton, P.G.R.
Out of Phaze Anthony, Piers
The Difference Engine Gibson, William
Sterling, Bruce
The Left Hand of Darkness LeGuin, Ursula K.
The Number of the Beast Heinlein, Robert A.
The Pipes of Orpheus Lindskold, Jane
The True Game Tepper, Sheri S.
Tran Green, Roland
Pournelle, Jerry
Incarnations of Immortality #1 On a Pale Horse Anthony, Piers
#2 Bearing an Hourglass Anthony, Piers
#3 With a Tangled Skein Anthony, Piers
#4 Wielding a Red Sword Anthony, Piers
Tarot #1 God of Tarot Anthony, Piers
#2 Vision of Tarot Anthony, Piers
Time Wars #1 The Ivanhoe Gambit Hawke, Simon
#2 The Timekeeper Conspiracy Hawke, Simon
#3 The Pimpernel Plot Hawke, Simon