Authors S

Title SeriesTopic
Saberhagen, Fred
  Berserker Blue Death Sci-Fi
  Coils Sci-Fi
  Empire of the East Crossover Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  The First Book of Swords Book of Swords #1 Fantasy
  The Second Book of Swords #2 Fantasy
  The Third Book of Swords #3 Fantasy
  Woundhealer's Story Lost Swords #1 Fantasy
  Sightblinder's Story #2 Fantasy
  Stonecutter's Story #3 Fantasy
Sargent, Pamela
  Venus of Shadows Sci-Fi
Sarrantonio, Al
  Personal Agendas #8 Babylon 5
Saxon, Richard
  Cosmic Crusade Sci-Fi
Scott, Melissa
  Trouble and her Friends Cyberpunk
Shatner, William
  Tek Vengance Sci-Fi
Shea, Robert
  The Golden Apple Illuminatus! #2 Modern Fantasy
  Leviathan #3 Modern Fantasy
Sienkiewicz, Bill
  Elektra Assassin Superhero
Sigmund, Karl
  Games of Life Mathematics
Simack, Clifford D.
  Cosmic Engineers Sci-Fi
  Worlds without End Sci-Fi
Simmons, Dan
  Phases of Gravity Sci-Fi
Simmons, WM. Mark
  One Foot in the Grave Vampire
Smith, Cordwainer
  The Instrumentality of Mankind Sci-Fi
Smith, A.C.H.
  The Dark Crystal Fantasy
Smith, E.E. 'Doc'
  First Lensman Sci-Fi
  Triplanetary Sci-Fi
Smith, Charles Hamilton
  Ancient Costumes of Great Britain and Ireland Non-Fiction
Smith, L. Neil
  The Lando Calrissian Adventures Star Wars
Stackpole, Michael A.
  I, Jedi Star Wars
  Rogue Sqadron X-Wing #1 Star Wars
  Wedge's Gamble #2 Star Wars
  The Krytos Trap #3 Star Wars
  The Bacta War #4 Star Wars
  Isard's Revenge #8 Star Wars
  Walking to Mercury Ummm
Stephenson, Neal
  Snow Crash Cyberpunk
  The Diamond Age Cyberpunk
  Zodiac Modern Thriller
Sterling, Bruce
  Heavy Weather Sci-Fi
  Holy Fire Cyberpunk
  Mirrorshades Cyberpunk
  The Difference Engine Crossover Sci-Fi / Fantasy
Stewart, Kerry
  Airport '80 the Concorde Modern Thriller
Stewart, Ian
  Another Fine Math you've Got Me Into… Mathematics
Stirling, S.M.
  The City Who Fought Sci-Fi
  Betrayals #6 Babylon 5
Story, Ronald
  Guardians of the Universe Sci-Fi
Straczynski, J.M.
  Demon Night Horror
Swanwick, Michael
  The Iron Dragon's Daughter Fantasy