Authors N-P

Title SeriesTopic
Ng, Dean
  The Man-Kzin Wars Sci-Fi
Niven, Larry
  A Gift from Earth Sci-Fi
  The Man-Kzin Wars Sci-Fi
Nocenti, Ann
  Longshot Superhero
Nolan, William F.
  Space for Hire Sci-Fi
Norton, Andre
  Black Trillium Fantasy
  Daybreak -2250 A.D. Sci-Fi
  The ElvenBane Fantasy
Nowlan, Kevin
  Moonshadow Modern Fantasy
Nylund, Eric S.
  A Game of Universe Sci-Fi
  Signal to Noise Sci-Fi
O'Donnell, Jr, Kevin
  Fire on the Border Sci-Fi
Olson, Kiki
  How to get a Date with a Vampire Quasi-Fiction
Palmer, Stephen
  Memory Seed Sci-Fi
Peters, Ralph
  The War in 2020 War
Pieczenik, Steve
  Op-Centre Modern Thriller
Pournelle, Jerry
  Future History Sci-Fi
  High Justice Sci-Fi
  Tran Crossover Sci-Fi / Fantasy
Powers, Tim
  Earthquake Weather Modern Fantasy
  Expiration Date Modern Fantasy
  The Anubis Gates Modern Fantasy
Pratchett, Terry
  Good Omens Modern Fantasy
  Hogfather Fantasy
  Mort Fantasy
  Strata Fantasy
  Equal Rites Diskworld Fantasy
  Sourcery Fantasy
  The Light Fantastic Fantasy
Proctor, Geo. W.
  Swords of Raemllyn #1 Fantasy