Authors M

Title SeriesTopic
Macavoy, R.A.
  Damiano's Lute Damiano #2 Fantasy
  Raphael #3 Fantasy
MacBride Allen, Roger
  Ambush at Corellia Corellian Trilogy #1 Star Wars
  Assault at Selonia #2 Star Wars
  Showdown at Centerpoint #3 Star Wars
MacDonald, James D.
  The Gathering Flame Mageworlds Sci-Fi
  Starpilot's Grave #2 Sci-Fi
  By Honor Betrayed #3 Sci-Fi
  The Long Hunt #5 Sci-Fi
Matteis, J.M. De
  Moonshadow Modern Fantasy
May, Julian
  Black Trillium Fantasy
  Intervention Sci-Fi
  Jack the Bodiless Galactic Milieu #1 Sci-Fi
  Diamond Mask #2 Sci-Fi
  Magnificat #3 Sci-Fi
  The Goldern Torc Saga of the Exiles #2 Fantasy
  The Non Born King #3 Fantasy
  The NonBorn king #3 Fantasy
  The Adversary #4 Fantasy
McCaffrey, Anne
  The City Who Fought Sci-Fi
McDonald, Ian
  Terminal Café Cyberpunk
McIntyre, Vonda
  The Crystal Star Star Wars
McKillip, Patricia
  The Forgotten Beasts of Eld Fantasy
  The Riddle Master of Hed Riddle Master of Hed #1 Fantasy
  Heir of Sea and Fire #2 Fantasy
  Harpist in the Wind #3 Fantasy
McMullen, Sean
  Call to the Edge Crossover Sci-Fi / Fantasy
McQuinn, Donald E.
  Warrior Fantasy
Miller, Frank
  Elektra Assassin Superhero
  Ronin Modern Fantasy
  The Dark Knight Returns Superhero
Modesitt, Jr., L.E.
  The Hammer of Darkness Fantasy
Moon, Elizabeth
  Liar's Oath Fantasy
  Once A Hero Sci-Fi
  Phases Sci-Fi
  Surrender None: The Legacy of Gird Fantasy
  Sheepfarmer's Daughter Deed of Paksenarrion #1 Fantasy
  Divided Allegiance #2 Fantasy
  Oath of Gold #3 Fantasy
Moorcock, Michael
  The Sailor on the Seas of Fate Elric #2 Fantasy
  The Bane of the Black Sword #5 Fantasy
  Stormbringer #6 Fantasy
Morris, Desmond
  Bodywatching Non-Fiction
Mortimore, Jim
  Clark's Law #4 Babylon 5
Murdock, M.S.
  Hammer of Mars Buck Rogers Sci-Fi
Muth, Jon J.
  Moonshadow Modern Fantasy