Authors C

Title SeriesTopic
Camp, L Sprague de
  Conan the Barbarian Fantasy
Cannell, Stephen
  Final Victim Modern Thriller
Card, Orson Scott
  Prentice Alvin Fantasy
  The Abyss Sci-Fi
Carter, Lin
  Conan the Barbarian Fantasy
Cavelos, Jeanna
  The Shadow Within #7 Babylon 5
Chalker, Jack L.
  The Labyrinth of Dreams G.O.D. Inc #1 Sci-Fi
  The Shadow Dancers #2 Sci-Fi
  The Maze in the Mirror #3 Sci-Fi
Charles, Craig
  The Log Quasi-Fiction
Cherryh, C.J.
  Cuckoo's Egg Sci-Fi
  Cyteen Sci-Fi
  Downbelow Station Sci-Fi
  Finity's End Sci-Fi
  The Chronicles of Morgaine Fantasy
  The Paladin Fantasy
  The Pride of Chanur Chanur Saga #1 Sci-Fi
  Chanur's Venture #2 Sci-Fi
  The Kif Strike Back #3 Sci-Fi
  Chanur's Homecoming #4 Sci-Fi
Clancy, Tom
  Op-Centre Modern Thriller
Compton, D.G.
  Chronicules Sci-Fi
Constantine, Storm
  Hermetech Crossover Sci-Fi / Fantasy
Cook, Hugh
  The Wizard and the Warriors Chronicles of an Age of Darkness #1 Fantasy
  The Wordsmiths and The Warguild #2 Fantasy
  The Walrus and the Warwolf #4 Fantasy
  The Wicked and the Witless #5 Fantasy
Cook, Glen
  The Black Company Black Company #1 Fantasy
  Shadows Linger #2 Fantasy
  The White Rose #3 Fantasy
Cool, Tom
  Secret Realms Sci-Fi
Cullen, Seamus
  A Noose of Light Fantasy
Cunnungham, Scott
  Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practicioner Non-Fiction