Authors B

Title SeriesTopic
Baigent, Michael
  The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail Quasi-Fiction
Ballard, J.G.
  The Wind from Nowhere Sci-Fi
Banks, Iain M.
  Against a Dark Background Sci-Fi
  Excession Sci-Fi
  Feersum Endjinn Sci-Fi
Barnes, Steven
  Blood Brothers Cyberpunk
  Camelot 3000 Modern Fantasy
  Streetlethal Aubry Knight #1 Cyberpunk
  Gorgon Child #3 Cyberpunk
  Firedance #4 Cyberpunk
Barr, Mike W.
Barrett, Jr., Neal
  The Touch of Your Shadow, the Whisper of Your Name #5 Babylon 5
Base, Graeme
  The Discovery of Dragons Quasi-Fiction
Baxter, Stephen
  Ring Sci-Fi
Bear, Greg
  Anvil of Stars Sci-Fi
  The Forge of God Sci-Fi
Black, C.F.
  Atlas of the Renaissance Non-Fiction
Blake, L.F.
  Heavy Metal Ummm
Bolland, Brian
  Camelot 3000 Modern Fantasy
Bornat, Richard
  Understanding and Writing Compilers Mathematics
Boyer, Elizabeth H.
  The Sword and the Satchel World of Alfar #1 Fantasy
  The Thrall and The Dragon's Heart #3 Fantasy
  The Wizard and The Warlord #4 Fantasy
  The Troll's Grindstone #5 Fantasy
Bradley, Marion Zimmer
  Black Trillium Fantasy
Brickhill, Paul
  The Dam Busters War
Brin, David
  Brightness Reef Sci-Fi
  Glory Season Crossover Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  Startide Rising Sci-Fi
  Sundiver Sci-Fi
  The Practice Effect Sci-Fi
  The River of Time Sci-Fi
Brooks, Terry
  Running with the Demon Modern Fantasy
  The Black Unicorn Fantasy
Brown, Mary
  Master of Many Treasures Fantasy
  The Unlikely Ones Fantasy
Brust, Steven
  Brokedown Palace Fantasy
  Cowboy Feng's Space Bar and Grill Crossover Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  Taltos the Assassin Fantasy
Bull, R.C.
  Perturbed Spirits Modern Thriller
Burne, Charlotte Sophia
  The Handbook of Folklore Non-Fiction
Byrne, R. M.
  How to Make Liqueurs Non-Fiction