Welcome to Struan's Web Site

Yep, that's an unusual name. According to one source I found it's Gaelic for "Babbling brook". Hmm. But then that can describe me at times too. So in keeping with that I've decided to make this web site a "chatty" one. So if you feel like continuing along with the theme, drop me an email or look me up on ICQ.

I'm a New Zealander currently residing in Auckalnd (that's in New Zealand too). For the last 11 months (to September 2000 anyway) I was living and working in Lund, Sweden. For seven or so months prior to that I was living and working in New Jersey (in the U.S.A.). Originally I hail from Oamaru in the South Island of New Zealand, but have lived in Auckland (New Zealand's largest city) for the majority of my life.

I had been sending out a weekly journal of my exploits out to those who are interested, but as I'm home now I've changed it to being a monthly round up of my life for my overseas (and a few non-Auckland) friends. If you'd like to receive it just drop me an email. I've also been meaning to put some of the photos I've taken up here but haven't yet.

Surprise, surprise, I'm a Computer programmer both by training and by inclination. Currently I'm hunting for a job (almost certainly in Auckland but that's not set in stone either). In Sweden I was working for QlikTech International as a foreign consultant. I have worked for a wide variety of companies in New Zealand prior to QlikTech. My resume is available online or email me for a Word version.

I have other interests besides computers, like sailing, science fiction, role-playing, fantasy and medieval re-creation.

While in the New Jersey, I became interested in folk music, mainly through the Folk Project. I have been really enjoying listening to live folk music.

I also enjoy other music, reading, movies and live theatre.

I enjoy the outdoors, especially swimming and cycling, but I am also a little lazy and thus rather unfit.

Home contacts: Email me or ICQ: 4498196
Updated on 15 October 2000